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Today we will talk about what clients interested in SEO ask about. These are questions that are repeated very often. They are asked by many clients, regardless of what they do and what their budget is. Therefore, I think it is worth discussing this topic comprehensively. Generally, all clients who write to us and probably to all agencies that work in the field of positioning and advertising campaigns – there will always be a question about the warranty and what we are able to do. Position guarantee, for example? Simply a guarantee of results. Because if we have a three-month contract, which then becomes indefinite, the question arises: This is a basic question about positioning that always comes up somewhere.: Let’s start by saying that we do not guarantee the position. And in fact, no self-respecting agency will give such a guarantee – we are mainly concerned about specific items. Because no one can really determine how Google’s algorithm will work and how the competition will work at the same time.

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Choosing keywords before starting cooperation, I think, is like putting handcuffs on yourself. As you already said about keywords, this is also a question that is asked very often Phone Number Data how many keywords do you position for and what does it look like? Chuck Norris knows them all! [laughter] Half-jokingly, half-seriously – all of them. We try to optimize as widely as possible. Exactly. First of all, we look at the website that the client currently has and within this website there is a finite number of keywords. There is a top-down rule that has been in place in SEO for many years: each subpage can be positioned for five key phrases – this results from the settings of the title tag and its capacity.  Therefore, we position for all keywords for which the customer should be visible. This is where you need to pay attention to the fact that we are not exaggerating with these keywords.

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And I don’t really know how Google’s algorithm works, and neither does any agency. We rely on the principle of good practices and experience – based on this we are able to predict something CXB Directory but not guarantee it. : And if you see such an offer on the Internet. What do you think about it? Because they also appear. We don’t point fingers, but there are agencies that provide such guarantees. I think this is ripping off the customer. But they don’t provide these results, or do they do it in some other way? I don’t know, because I am not a client of such agencies. We also analyze what is happening on the market. These types of companies have a practice of simply positioning a given client for phrases that will not be very competitive.

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