Case Study: Positioning a language school

The client came to us after previous adventures with other agencies. This language school operates on the local market, specifically in the very center of . The main target were people from the area, both younger and older. After signing the contract, we technically optimized the website and its content. Due to very similar offer subpages, we had to fight against content cannibalization. Every month we checked the website and the results for specific positions in Google. We constantly optimized both meta tags and modified the content. Together with the client, we prepared topics for the blog based on popular issues that users search for on the Internet. Thanks to this, we gained a lot of traffic on the website.

Positioning the language school website on the Internet

Within 4 months of starting positioning, the language school’s website jumped to the highest positions in Google for phrases with the highest value for the customer. These are phrases related to Phone Number Data English language courses and running a language school in . Thanks to our effectively conducted activities, we increased our client’s visibility and website traffic . effects of language school positioning Education industry – positioning effects We started working with the client in August. After the first optimization, the website significantly gained in visibility (see the TOP10 chart above), and then began to grow at a stable pace, appearing for an increasing number of key phrases on the first page of Google – and this led to an increase in website traffic.

Education industry case Study positioning effects

Phone Number Data

Importantly, these were phrases important from the point of view of the language school – directly related to language courses that can bring real conversions and inquiries. The education industry CXB Directory¬†especially in the case of language schools, is highly seasonal. The greatest interest in the topic occurs in September – this is also when the highest number of searches and visits to the website occur. It is worth taking care of your website’s positioning all year round to be at the very top of search results during times of increased interest – and collect more traffic than your competitors! Our systematic and consistent work brings a constant increase in visibility. Thanks to this, at the beginning of this year we achieved the best visibility in the last 12 months.

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