Installing a tool to record website visits

Conversion can be used to define the action we want the user to perform on our website. One of the most obvious examples is making a purchase or filling out a contact form . Website conversions can also include activities such as: signing up for a webinar, downloading the guide. Adding a product to the cart, adding a product to watchlist, clicking on a phone number or email address, downloading a promotional coupon. Any action that provides value to the website owner can be called a conversion. The basis is implementing analytics, measuring conversions and drawing conclusions The first thing you won’t move forward without is installing Google Analytics and measuring conversions. If you have it, great, if not, run this tool now.


What are conversions

These types of tools allow you to observe what users do on the website – how they behave, what they click on, what they read. Using such tools, you can quickly find blockers Phone Number Data that get in the way of conversions. Such blockers may be: promotion pop-ups, covering windows with information about cookies – often found on mobile devices, unclickable phones or emails.  Remember that the installation of such a tool should be included in the privacy policy on your website. 2. Use A/B testing Based on the results of the above test, perform further A/B tests. Launch two landing pages with different content and observe which one generates more conversions. Check your CPC campaigns See which keyword phrases generate the most conversions and which ones generate fewer conversions. If you can, shift your budget from lower-converting keywords to better-converting ones. Try changing or adding new ad content for the most converting phrases and improve your CTR score to collect even more clicks for the most valuable keyword phrases.

Add other conversion options

Phone Number Data

The users on your website are different. Some people like to call, others prefer writing e-mails. Make sure your phone numbers and email addresses are CXB Directory clickable and place them in a visible place. Add a contact form. There are also those who want to settle the matter here and now – give them the opportunity to talk in the chat. Install chat on the website. Whether based on Messenger or other tools. But remember that these tools can visually disturb your website and obscure some elements. Make sure that it does not disturb you, but gives you the opportunity to talk to you. If you run a stationary store or service point, remember to add a map with directions and provide the exact address. Summary Running an advertising campaign. Online means constantly looking for cheaper ways to acquire traffic, but also constantly looking for more quality conversions. Just launching a campaign is one thing. Its constant optimization and searching for opportunities is actually the key to the entire campaign.

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