Find out in more detail

why a Ukrainian needs a health insurance policy in Europe what are the disadvantages of free health insurance for EU temporary protection holders and what are the advantages of private health insurance for Ukrainians in Europe Get free information about countries Get free information about countries CLICK HERE Currently a Ukrainian needs only a foreign… Continue reading Find out in more detail

Average salary per year

Average salary orking conditions about hours a week. English teacher Foreigners who are native speakers of English that is come from a country where English is their native language often become teachers in Spain. You can be a private tutor or get a job at one of the countrys universities. In some cases a TEFL… Continue reading Average salary per year

What specialists are in the greatest

What specialists demand here We have prepared for you a list of the most popular vacancies in Spain among expats. The most popular jobs in Spain for expats Business consultant Many international companies have a representative office in Spain. The most popular job among expats is the position of business consultant. Also many foreigners work… Continue reading What specialists are in the greatest

On the region of your residence

On the region is the level of development of the healthcare system in Turkey Turkeys healthcare system is highly developed. There are many accredited health care institutions in the country that provide assistance to both citizens and foreigners. Highly qualified Englishspeaking staff also work in the Republic of Turkey. Therefore in any case you will… Continue reading On the region of your residence

Therefore pay attention also

Therefore pay to the peculiarities of your health. Also when signing the contract it will be useful to find out which Turkish clinics and pharmacies the selected insurance company cooperates with. If the institutions are located near your home this will allow you to get help in the shortest possible time.The cost of a health… Continue reading Therefore pay attention also

Turkey is one of the most popular

Turkey is one countries among expats. And for those who decided to stay the issue of obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit which requires mandatory insurance is important. Find out which insurance policy is required to issue a permit and what are the features of this insurance Learn more about Turkey Learn more about… Continue reading Turkey is one of the most popular

Medical insurance for tourists

Medical insurance oreigners who plan to spend a vacation in Germany or issue a Working Holiday Visa a permit that entitles citizens of Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Chile Israel Japan New Zealand South Korea Taiwan or Uruguay to live and work in Germany until year are also required to take out a health insurance policy.… Continue reading Medical insurance for tourists

However the state health insurance

However the policy has certain advantages for freelancers The amount of insurance premiums does not depend on age or health so it is quite beneficial for older foreigners. Preconditions do not affect the cost of the policy. The insurance also covers your family members. Importantly The right to public health insurance in Germany as a… Continue reading However the state health insurance

The amount of the monthly

The amount contribution under the policy will be euros. Students have access to the services of a worldclass national health system including inpatient treatment outpatient treatment medication rehabilitation treatment and some dental services. Private health insurance Foreigners who do not have the right to take out a state health insurance policy must take out a… Continue reading The amount of the monthly

The type of insurance

The type you will be entitl to depends on your salary. If an employee earns less than per year or per month he can only receive public health insurance. of employees in the Federal Republic of Germany took out such a policy.State health insurance for employees in Germany There are a total of public health… Continue reading The type of insurance

Confirmation of availability of funds

Confirmation of reason for the rejection of a Green Card in the USA can be not only a mistake or an incomplete application but also the lack of necessary vaccinations. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Germany has many features the most common mistakes made by expats are Do not register your residential… Continue reading Confirmation of availability of funds

The cost of the visa

The cost fee for obtaining and renewing a visa is euros. Duration of the visa The EU Blue Card is valid for years if the duration of the employment contract is shorter then for the duration of the contract plus months. Youth Au Pair Visa The Au Pair visa is only valid for persons aged… Continue reading The cost of the visa