In this free course on improving mental

health through nutrition, you will learn how daily diets can affect mental and brain health . On the other hand, you will gain knowlege about evaluating calorie intake for an improvement in daily diet. A healthy diet is essential for the body to develop properly and not lack the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning. For this, two of the key factors are nutrition and mental health. And this last concept is not independent, but requires the necessary foods for it to function. The course is create and taught by Deakin University , one of Australia’s largest universities, with over 61,000 students in its classrooms.

Who is the course on improving

mental state through nutrition aimed at? This course is designe for all people who want to learn about and control their mental health through diet . Therefore, it may be of interest to both Israel Phone Number Data  nutritionists and psychologists. If you wish to take this course and understand all its contents, you must have an intermeiate level of English , since this is the language of instruction of the teachers and tutors (see free English courses ). On the other hand, to take the course it is not necessary to have prior knowlege of the topics to be covere.

You will only need to have

computer or other device with a stable Internet connection to be able to access the online content . What will you learn in the course on improving mental state through nutrition? Taught Kenya Phone Number List  by Dr. Tetyana Rocks, a researcher at the Fernwood Foundation and Director of Translation and Education at the Food & Mood Center, and Professor Felice Jacka, this course lasts 3 weeks with a dedication of 3 hours per week of study. Throughout the course you will have all the materials and resources necessary for your training. The topics to be covered throughout the course are.

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