The profession of Pipefitter

The profession of Pipefitter involves the manufacturing, assembly and repair of conduits and other elements in the industrial sector. The main functions performed by these professionals are based on the manufacture, assembly and repair of boilermaking elements, carpentry and metal structures, preparation, assembly, assembly of pipes, accessories and built-in elements, as well as basic joining operations, applying the necessary techniques and established procedures, within the planned deadlines, complying with the regulations for the prevention of occupational risks, environmental protection and applying the established quality control procedures.

What tasks do the Pipers

perform? These are the main tasks: Interpret and create plans and sketches of metal structures using layout, development and cutting techniques. Manufacture and assemble pipes from different types of metal structural accessories, using cutting, coupling and assembly New Zealand Phone Number Data  techniques. Build geometric figures (cylinders and cones) to make metal structures, conduits and containers. Cut sheets, profiles and tubes, and weld sheet metal, profiles and tube elements taking into account previously interpreted plans. Machining, forming sheets, profiles and assembling pipes.

Is there any work for Tubero?

This professional profile is in demand by sectors that have difficulty finding qualified employees in companies that manufacture, repair and assemble boilermaking, carpentry Latvia Phone Number List  and structure products, related to the subsectors of metal construction, naval construction, and transport vehicle manufacturing within the industrial sector. You can see the job offers that exist on any employment portal. Such as InfoJobs , with salaries ranging between €1,800 and €2,100/month. It is a great opportunity for those who want to join the metal sector.

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