We have started the welding course

Are you here: StartWeldingWe have starte the course. We start the first welding course in 2022. On February 8th, our students attende the start of the welding course where they were able to learn about the facilities. The teaching staff and the INAFE team. In less than 6 months we have been able to start another welding course in Huelva. Thanks to the efforts of our training team and teachers, we have been able to organize a second. Welding course in less than 6 months. It is a course with high demand in our province (Huelva), with a wide range of job opportunities in various fields and industrial sectors.

If you also want to start welding

Or improve your techniques, this is your course! We are organizing the programming of the next welding course, which is expecte to begin in May. Registration is now Germany Phone Number Data  open, there will be a limite number of places of 10 students to comply with the measures in the facilities where the training is provid. Request information without obligation: You can contact us by calling us at 959 830 780 or 640 798 742, and/or by writing to usThey are followe by Gijón, Valencia, Martorell, Barcelona, ​​Rubí, Madrid, and Vitoria-Gazteiz. These are the best paid cities for this profession.

In Huelva the average

salary of a welder is €1,549 per month. You can see the report and all the graphs on Indeed’s website:aries You can also find job offers for this profession. Would you like to work as a welder but you lack training? Are you looking for training for early employment? Do you Lebanon Phone Number List  want a stable job with a future? At our training center we offer TIG Welding courses , with a high enrollment of students. If you want more information you can call us at 959 830 780 or 640 798 742, you can also write to us at infofe.es Should we call you? Sign up in this form and we will contact you without obligatio.

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