The beginnings of SEO in Poland

I hope you can tell us a little about what it was like in the past, because I have the impression that the industry has become very professionalized now. We will talk about this later. However, the beginnings looked really interesting. So maybe let’s start with you – how it started, how it happened that you started positioning websites, when it happened, what was the impulse. In 2004, I was a boy finishing college. I was looking for my place on the market. I knew how to program back then and a lot of clients asked about websites. Back then, the Internet and websites were something new for Polish business. I created these websites, and after each time I made such a website, clients asked: “Okay, but what next? How to get these users to the website?” I became interested in positioning and started to develop in this topic.


Bulk Link Buying, Mixers, Pretzels and Google Bombing

There was a list of catalogs – there were about two thousand catalogs in Poland at that time, I’m talking about 2006-2007. You gradually added your website to these directories and it Phone Number Data gradually gained better and better results. Over time, scripts were created – because SEO specialists generally created their own resources based on their scripts and programs. But there were also backends that were typical mixers – they took texts from somewhere and generated as much of the site and content as possible. This is where links were inserted.  Well, you could say that. This meant that in such a script, for example, you entered the keyword you wanted. This script connected to Google, downloaded search results from Google, connected to these websites. Downloaded texts from these websites, mixed it with some mixer and something like that was hanging on the Internet, it was indexed by Google.

This script connected to Google

Phone Number Data

And if you wanted to make it more compatible with Google – that is, for example, ten or fifty links a day – that’s how it worked. Later, the so-called pretzels. Someone came up with the idea that if you CXB Directory have a website, you can create a subpage and on this subpage there will be text for a certain keyword and you can insert a link there.  Someone came up with the idea of ​​creating a website with only such subpages. This is how the so-called “Polish pretzels” because they were available only on the Polish market. Just as “Polish pretzels” were created, a “Polish pretzels” adder was soon created. Texts were added to the pretzels again. There were pretzels that were more neat and less neat, where texts were added from mixers. This is how links were obtained. Over time, Google caught on to these topics.

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