News at the expense of SEO basics

If you add many new products every few months and remove the previous ones, you create chaos in the URLs and generate a huge number of subpages with 404 errors. Moreover, you negatively affect the positioning of your website. New subpages must have time to start working. If you keep a product for several months, by the time it achieves good results in the search engine, it may already disappear from your website. So what can you do if you frequently change your assortment? Promote current products that you want to focus on in visible places. Leave products unavailable and inform about unavailability – this solution is a bit risky as it may lead to a high bounce rate. After removing the product, redirect the URL using a 301 redirect to a new appropriate product or blog text about substitutes. Don’t rotate URL addresses – place a new product on the same address.

Unnatural insertion of keywords

Nobody reads these days anyway such reasoning is a big mistake. People shopping online can compare many offers of similar products and choose the one that has more advantages. The content onĀ  Phone Number Data the website must make sense, describe what you offer as precisely as possible – and at the same time be attractive to search engines. Google sees pages through content. It contains keywords and value for the user. Therefore, for each subpage whose visibility you want to increase, you must write appropriately optimized text. All knowledge zones, advice, blogs and news work well. Here you can gain good conversions by building authority in the industry and answering user questions. Read more about how to acquire customers through a company blog . Don’t be afraid that your competition will steal your know-how. Currently, this is where your potential customers go because they have better described – and therefore more reliable – products. Images according to Google Search engine robots do not read the content of the image. Therefore, all key information should be in text form, not pictures. If you want to use the full potential of your graphics, complete the alt attribute with keywords.

No content on the website News at the

Phone Number Data

We offer our clients an unlimited selection of keywords – we take care of both the most competitive, 1-2 word phrases, as well as the so-called long tail. Long tail phrases are several-word phrases CXB Directory less frequently searched for and less competitive, and therefore easier to position. Even though each of them individually brings less traffic, it is more specific. If a website has a lot of content, the long tail often positions naturally on its own. Focusing only on a few keywords greatly limits your positioning activities. Firstly, you have to wait a long time to see results for single competitive words. Secondly, for some phrases, the first page of searches is dominated by price comparison websites, job portals and industry hegemons. If you only monitor one word, you may not see any progress in the positions. It is much more effective to conduct two-track activities – focusing on multi-word phrases and strengthening the quality of the entire website and the main, competitive phrase. This will help you achieve conversions much faster.

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