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The first way to reach customers is to appear in Google’s organic results. This is what website positioning does . This is a long-term process and takes time. How long we have to wait for the results depends on the industry. The adopted strategy and budget. It took us 10 months to position the client’s online store for the phrase “suitcases” in the top 10 – previously it was outside the top hundred. But all this time, multi-word phrases were rising, and the entire website was gaining visibility. We increased sales by 1,400% year over year. Read more about how we positioned the online store . Positioning involves working on the entire website. These are activities that must be carried out all the time – even if you get into the top 10, your competition is still active and will want to get back to its lost position. The biggest advantage of positioning is the ability to reach almost all people who need or are looking for our product.

Choosing the right strategy depends on your industry

It all depends on the industry – and your budget. The basis is a useful page with contact information, projects, regulations, offer and products. The user should easily navigate through Phone Number Data it and find information of interest. For popular products that people search for on the Internet  we recommend running a Google Ads campaign on the search network at the beginning, and SEO activities in parallel. If you have a slightly larger budget . Google Ads can be supported by Facebook Ads and remarketing. For low-search or niche businesses, hand-made products – active social media channels, personal marketing and strengthening the image by creating a unique story about the products work well here. This strategy can also be adopted by industries that need to create a need for a product.

Not everything depends on the agency niche music give something from yourself


Phone Number Data

You need to check how much traffic comes to your website and how customers behave. If you have previously conducted online activities – see what the effects were, what was CXB Directory happening and how it affected sales. The basis here is Google Analytics – a tool for checking website traffic and conversions from various sources. activities will work well here. You need to optimize the website, select appropriate keywords, adapt to Google requirements, and conduct link building. Run a blog or advice section regularly and expand the content on the website. Have you run a Google Ads campaign before.

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