Why is it worth using Google Ads

Advertising in the Google search network is often perceived by users not as advertising – but as an answer to a question. Thanks to this, you precisely reach your target group who is currently interested in your product. In Google Ads, you can select a precise target group – according to demographics, location or interests. Another advantage of advertising campaigns on Google is their speed. This is especially important at the beginning of your company’s existence, when you want to take care of sales. Unlike SEO, you can make profits in just a few days. Google Ads is a very effective incentive to start a campaign. It tempts with coupons (such as spend PLN X to receive PLN Y of additional budget), help from consultants and a very simple campaign launch. The process is almost too easy. There are financially painful stumbles lurking here for someone who hasn’t taken the time to dig deeper. Example 1. A potential client spent PLN 12,000 every month (budget suggested by Google). When auditing the account, we came to the conclusion that only PLN 4,000 would be enough, and would provide much better results – of course, with appropriate optimization of the campaign.

why is it so easy to burn through your budget

A mistake that will definitely eat up your budget and not bring any valuable traffic is choosing broad match keywords. This means that your ad with a phrase Phone Number Data will be displayed for all phrases containing the words “office”, “accounting” or “Katowice”. And you wouldn’t want that. Example 3. The customer set the phrase “leaflet distribution” in broad match. What phrase did his ad appear for? “Drug distribution.” Not really according to his plan. Example and this consumed the largest part of the budget. Use matches wisely! An exact match phrase will only display for this keyword. Phrase matching will only appear for keywords that have thisĀ  “advertising boards Katowice” or “advertising boards cheap”. Matching with a modifier (with a plus), similarly to phrase matching, will display ads for phrases containing the indicated keywords. The difference is that the order of the words is not important – so the ad will be displayed on both “Katowice advertising boards” and “Katowice advertising boards”.

Inserting keywords without matches worth using

Phone Number Data

The search network is the text ads that appear in Google search results. In turn, the advertising network is advertising creations appearing on Internet portals. When setting CXB Directory up a campaign, many people default to both options – but these networks are very different. The search network is more expensive, but it also has a higher click-through rate (CTR) – it is several percent. In turn, the advertising network is much cheaper, but its CTR is a few percent. Therefore, if you thoughtlessly use the advertising network, you may reduce your overall CTR, which will also reduce your quality index. The difference in CTR is due to the fact that people from the advertising network are not at the sales stage, so they may not need to take advantage of your offer. The advertising network is often used for image-building purposes . It strengthens brand awareness and visibility – the logo and name are always displayed somewhere and remembered. In the future, if a customer makes a purchase decision, they may return to your website.

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