Company website positioning where to start

In order for your website to be ranked high, it should be adapted to Google’s guidelines , which are included in the webmaster guides. However, there is no simple recipe for success – no one knows how many factors influence visibility. Google’s requirements are also a set of good practices, rather than an imposed scheme of action. Learn from the competition! Regardless of whether you already have a website or are just designing it, you need to start by analyzing the competition in the TOP10 results. Check what the website architecture looks like, what tabs it has, and how much content it has on each subpage. Pay attention to how he places keywords in his texts, as well as the usability. Thanks to this, you will know what level your website must be. How many subpages does my website need to have? The more valuable subpages with content, the more keywords your website can rank for. The best solution is a separate subpage for each product or service – and each should have extensive content. It is thanks to the content that the Google robot is able to understand what the website is about – and assign it to specific keywords.

What tools will be useful for you when determining keywords

The basis for positioning is to use words in the content that are searched for by users as often as possible. Naturally place keywords in the content, but also do not forget Phone Number Data to place them in title tags, headings and tab and category names. The growing popularity of phrases from the so-called long tail Nowadays, more and more people search for long, multi-word and precise phrases. This reduces the volume of searches for simple one-word phrases. One reason is the growing popularity of voice search. If you want to know what users are searching for, choose a few phrases related to your business and add them to any tool from the list below. You will receive suggestions and monthly search numbers. Additionally, you can not only easily check individual phrases, but also export entire lists.

What system should I use to build the Company website

Phone Number Data

There are many ready-made content management systems (CMS) on the market. And almost any website can be placed on one of them. We recommend WordPress CXB Directory lots of customization options, a large plugin repository and a knowledge base. The system itself is easy to use and intuitive, and allows for quick changes. SEO plugin for WordPress There are many plugins for WordPress that help with positioning. We use Yoast. It helps you easily set meta and title tags and redirect low-value pages created automatically by the system. It also doesn’t burden the website too much. There are also ready-made solutions for online stores, including. On your own or with an agency? Remember that if you purchase a website design using a proprietary system, you may become dependent on the agency.

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