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We recently conducted a live Q&A on Facebook about internet marketing. Below we have collected answers to the questions we encounter most often. They concern how to increase online visibility and how to monitor the activities of advertising campaigns and positioning. Would you rather watch? Live coverage below: Question 1. How can you control the activities of an agency/freelancer? A common question we receive at the sales stage is how to monitor the effects. At Silence, we focus on transparency – during cooperation, we present the activities we have performed. You can bill us like a standard employee – we say, among others: what was done in a given month and in what quantities. The problem with SEO is that these activities are often difficult to quantify. IMPORTANT! SEO activities are intended to increase sales. However, for sales to occur, the number of users on the website must increase. And before that – increase the website’s visibility in Google. How to check if something is happening in SEO? Step 1: Does the website’s visibility on Google increase? You can check your visibility using the free Google Search Console tool or the paid tool .

What can you write about on the website

If this doesn’t happen, it’s possible that search trends aren’t growing over the period . Search Trends To check search trends throughout the year, the Google Trends website is useful . Internet marketing Phone Number Data changing searches according to Google trends If you’re experiencing drops in traffic, it’s worth checking search trends for your industry. . Ask about reports A good freelancer or agency provides regular reports showing the visibility and traffic on the website. If you are missing any data or do not fully understand everything, be sure to ask a question. Good contact means better cooperation and better results. Remember that the positioning service may sometimes not bring results. Our efficiency is 98%. Therefore, if you do not see any positive effects of the service, you must be able to verify whether all the declared actions have been implemented. Question 2. How much content does my website need to have? How many keywords do I need to include? Content is one of the most important factors influencing better positions in Google.

Why is a blog on the website always a good idea

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This is a question that comes up most often when it comes to new businesses. Are you starting a new project and don’t know how to promote it online? In our opinion, a hybrid of both CXB Directory solutions works best . Google Ads allows you to quickly appear in Google, while positioning takes time – the effects are visible after months or even a year. Google Ads allows you to immediately get an answer about the website – whether we have chosen the target group correctly, whether it brings conversions, whether the keywords are properly selected. That’s why we believe that Ads are a must-have for starters. You can draw conclusions from such a campaign – check which keywords convert and in what direction to go with positioning . Here it is necessary to integrate with Google Analytics and set goals – only this way it will be possible to accurately measure conversions. Positioning takes time to develop – the results will come much later than with Google Ads, so it is worth starting these activities in parallel with the paid campaign on Google. If you choose Google Ads first and only then add positioning, you have to wait even longer for the results.

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