How to search for a long tail phrase

You can position entries on company blogs primarily on the so-called long tail. These are several-word phrases that are searched less frequently than the most competitive ones. However, they are much more precise – the person who enters them expects a specific answer. Long tail positioning – perfect for a company blog Long tail keywords for blog posts Even without using external tools, you can find out what keywords your potential customers are typing. What queries may lead your potential customers to your blog? How to do something? Which product should I choose? How to use something? As you can see , these are not typical queries for customers ready to make a purchase. These are people who are looking for a solution to their problem, want to do something on their own or simply want to learn more about the topic. That is, the so-called the highest level of the sales funnel.

What is long tail traffic

There is also a chance that your recipients will first try to apply your advice on their own – and then they will contact you for help or recommend your blog to their friends who will Phone Number Data make a purchase. Naturally gaining links for a company blog? Useful content! If your blog entries are of exceptionally high quality and fully cover a given topic, there is a good chance that they will start gaining links naturally. Sharing posts on social media, and linking on their blogs and forums. Don’t forget that linking to a blog strengthens the entire link building for your website. You also increase its value in the eyes of Google algorithms. You can use blog entries to strengthen your offer pages – through internal linking and directing traffic. Reach out at different stages of the sales funnel Running a company blog allows you to reach different target groups that are at different stages of purchase. You can differentiate the information and the way it is presented depending on whether you want to reach people who: They know nothing about your product and want to expand their knowledge of the topic.

Reach out at different stages of the sales funnel

Phone Number Data

They have already purchased your product and are ready to make another purchase. As you can see, there are many groups to which you can target your entries. By diversifying the topics and focusing on CXB Directory multi-level aspects, you can effectively reach all of them. In the text addressed to users at the beginning of the sales funnel, you can include links to other content that is valuable to them. Direct those who are closer to the purchase decision to product subpages and encourage them to contact you. How to search for a long tail phrase? Here we have several possibilities. A thorough analysis of your customers’ inquiries and needs can provide you with inspiration . Think about what questions they ask you most often. The second solution is to use external methods. section at the bottom of your search results type . before the keyword and look at the suggestions Take care of basic SEO on your blog How to search for keywords for a blog? The section at the bottom of the search results can help you find ideas for headlines and titles.

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