We also advise you to pay

We also attention to the samples and follow the instructions when filling out the documents. Mistake . Do not pay the consular fee Quite often expats forget to pay the consular fee the fee for processing documents and obtaining a residence permit or pay the wrong amount. Therefore be sure to check the instructions learn in detail about the amount of the fee and available payment options. We draw your attention to the fact that it is very important to add a fee receipt to the package of documents to confirm the payment of the fee. Provide only accurate and truthful information. In the event that you suddenly realize that you have made a mistake try.

Mistake Miss the deadlines

For submitting an application or extending a permit Missing a deadline can result in your application being delayed or rejected so its important to be Lebanon Phone Number Data organized and aware of all important dates. Also when renewing your residence permit it is important to apply before your current document expires. Keep in mind that in some countries it can take several months to process an application for a permit extension so its a good idea to do it in advance. Being abroad without valid immigration status is illegal and can result in serious consequences including fines and deportation.

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Noncompliance with the criteria

For obtaining a residence permit In order to apply for a residence permit an expat must meet certain criteria. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in rejection of the application. Before submitting your application package it is important to Switzerland Whatsapp Number read the requirements carefully and make sure you meet them. Mistake . Accidentally provide false information Even accidentally providing false information can have serious consequences for the expat including not only the rejection of your application but even legal action. Therefore carefully read all the questions in the questionnaire. If you do not understand a section consult a specialist. to correct it as soon as possible by informing the relevant authorities or sub.

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