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Even a can lead to delays in processing the document refusal to issue a permit and in certain cases deportation. When applying for a residence permit it is important to consider many factors. Most expats tend to make common mistakes. In our material we will talk about common mistakes that can be made during the preparation of documents. Check yourself before you go to the migration service. Mistake . Send an incomplete package of documents Providing incomplete information is a very popular mistake among expats. Usually the procedure for submitting an application for a residence permit requires submitting a large package of documents an application application forms grounds for obtaining a permit confirmation of sufficient financial support for residence in the country etc.

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Documents or forms may result in delays refusals or even rejection of the entire application.  Before submitting an application for a residence permit carefully read the requirements and list of documents for the selected type of permit and Turkey Phone Number Data also check whether you have a complete package of documents. Be sure to contact the Migration Service if they have any questions about your application. Mistake . Send documents without translation A very common mistake that foreigners often make when submitting documents to countries where the official language is different from the expats native language.

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Certificates and educational documents are requir to submit an application. It is these documents that most often require translation. To avoid this error make sure that all necessary documents are translat into. The official language of the country Spain Whatsapp Number where the application is submitt. It is important that the translation is accurate complete and certified by a professional translator. Mistake . Send a statement without a signature The applicants signature certifies that the information provided is correct and true. That is why declarations without a signature in the required fields may be rejected. Before submitting the documents review the application form carefully and ensure that all required fields are filled in including the signature section.


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