The cost of the visa

The cost fee for obtaining and renewing a visa is euros. Duration of the visa The EU Blue Card is valid for years if the duration of the employment contract is shorter then for the duration of the contract plus months. Youth Au Pair Visa The Au Pair visa is only valid for persons aged to years. In order to apply for this visa you will need an approved host family. Requirements for the applicant Confirm the availability of basic secondary education demonstrate knowledge of the spoken language of the host family.

Also the applicant must have

At least some knowledge of English French German or Luxembourgish. The foreigner must have a signed placement agreement with Iran Phone Number Data the host family and pass a medical examination that confirms that you are able to perform the duties of an Au Pair. How to arrange Before entering submit an application to the consulate of Luxembourg. The cost of the visa The fee for obtaining a visa is euros. Duration of the visa The visa has a maximum validity of one year it cannot be extended or a visa of mitting a corrected statement. Mistake Noncompliance with medical requirements Some countries have specific medical requirements that must be met before a residence permit can be obtained.

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Failure to comply with these requirements

May result in rejection of the application. It is important to review the health requirements and ensure. That they met before submitting the Taiwan Whatsapp Number application package. Typical mistakes when issuing a residence permit in specific countries. In addition to general inaccuracies it is important to consider mistakes. That can when issuing a permit in a certain country. For example quite often when moving to Canada expats forget to provide. The following documents Evaluation of educational certificates ECA Language test results Certificate of criminal record.

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