Confirmation of availability of funds

Confirmation of reason for the rejection of a Green Card in the USA can be not only a mistake or an incomplete application but also the lack of necessary vaccinations. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Germany has many features the most common mistakes made by expats are Do not register your residential address before moving. Failure to purchase an appropriate health insurance policy . Come to an appointment at the migration service without an appointment. Forget to add a photo to the application.

Health insurance in Germany

Types depending on the purpose of the trip Foreigners coming to Germany must have health insurance to obtain a visa. When preparing to Israel Phone Number Data move it is important to find out about insurance requirements in Germany. We tell you what types of health insurance exist in Germany depending on the purpose of the trip and how a foreigner should choose a public and private insurance agent Learn more about Germany Learn more about Germany CLICK HERE Every foreigner who goes to Germany for the purpose of travel or permanent residence must have a health insurance policy.

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However the type of policy depends

On the specific purpose of the trip. Work study freelance or travel different types of policies are suitable for a certain type of activity. What type Thailand Whatsapp Number of health insurance should I have depending on the purpose of my trip to Germany A detailed guide follows. What types of health insurance exist in Germany In Germany there are three types of health insurance policies for foreigners State medical insurance Private medical insurance Medical insurance during the trip. Read details about the specifics of insurance in Germany and the countrys health care system at the link. . Features of health insurance for employees Every employee in Germany must have a health insurance policy.

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