The type of insurance

The type you will be entitl to depends on your salary. If an employee earns less than per year or per month he can only receive public health insurance. of employees in the Federal Republic of Germany took out such a policy.State health insurance for employees in Germany There are a total of public health insurance providers Krankenkassen in Germany to choose from. Each insurance agent covers the same list of services including inpatient care outpatient care medications rehabilitation care and some dental procedures.

The cost of the policy is also

The same the base rate is . of salary plus additional premiums up to . Thus as your salary increases so do your health insurance contributions Russia Phone Number Data although. They are capped when your income reaches per month. The employer is obliged to cover of the cost of the health insurance policy. That is the employee can expect that . will be deducted from his salary for insurance. Private health insurance for employees If an expats salary in Germany exceeds euros per year he is entitled to take out a private health insurance policy. Its advantages include An expat has access to a wider range of procedures.

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Getting medical help is much easier and faster

The policy can be customiz according to personal treatment needs and budget. Full dental coverage and travel insurance. . Medical insurance Turkey Whatsapp Number for students Health insurance is a mandatory document for foreign students in Germany. Without the policy data you will not be able to be enroll and start the study program. Insurance is also a mandatory requirement for obtaining a student visa. State health insurance for foreign students in Germany Public health insurance providers Krankenkassen are oblig to insure international students under the age of or until the completion of the th semester at university.

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