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The amount contribution under the policy will be euros. Students have access to the services of a worldclass national health system including inpatient treatment outpatient treatment medication rehabilitation treatment and some dental services. Private health insurance Foreigners who do not have the right to take out a state health insurance policy must take out a private policy. This category includes Students over years old. Students of language schools including those who take preparatory language courses before entering the university. Docents and researchers.

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Insurance policy for students be sure to check with the university whether the document you have chosen is suitable for the educational institution. . Health insurance for freelancers in Germany A health insurance policy is a mandatory Spain Phone Number Data document for selfemployed workers and freelancers who have decided to settle in Germany. Foreigners can choose between public and private policies. However unlike employees for whom the employer compensates of the cost of the policy freelancers are required to pay of the insurance premiums themselves this can be quite expensive.

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Public health insurance for freelancers

In Germany All public health insurance providers Krankenkassen cover. The same services inpatient treatment outpatient treatment Vietnam Whatsapp Number medication rehabilitation treatment and some dental services. The cost of the policy is also the same at . of your income plus additional premiums. Of up to . so as your income increases so will your health insurance premiums and. At some point the policy can become very expensive. For example if you earn euros per month you will have to pay euros per month for a state health insurance policy in Germany. Those who earn less or nothing at all will still be obliged to pay a minimum monthly insurance contribution of euros.


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