Why local positioning when there is geolocation

The Google search engine tries to respond as best it can to the needs of users, so it adjusts search results to the location. It is not always able to precisely detect the intentions of the queries, especially if the phrases entered have extensive semantic meanings. Let’s take as an example the phrase entered in Katowice. Google recommends that the business card title be the brand name. However, you have to be careful with the title. verify the correctness of the address data – consistency is important. Data should be presented in exactly the same way as on the website. Details are important – there is a difference between the writing. Business cards with full address details are displayed higher than those without them. define the scope of activity – indicate the territorial scope of your activity. This is especially important if you provide services in a small area, e.g. in one city.


Who is local positioning for

Remember, however, that the position also depends on the age of the business card. The number of ratings in Google and the accuracy of answering customer inquiries.  If possible Phone Number Data encourage customers to add opinions about your services or products sold. 2. Selection of “local” key phrases and content saturation Google is a content search engine. So try to make the Google robot easily index your website and quickly realize that you run a local business. The easiest way to do this is with content that should be filled with appropriate keywords. Before you do this, conduct an analysis – it may turn out to be true. that your potential customers have more extensive intentions. A free tool that will help you do this . The real estate agency’s website content should include information that its offer includes properties located, for example in.

Optimization of title and other meta tags


Phone Number Data

In the case of meta description, choose a more natural form, e.g. local positioning in Katowice. 4. Implementation of schema.org tags for. Local business tags  are special CXB Directory pieces of HTML code that provide search engines with more information about the content on a page. For the search engine, a company address is a string of characters that is subject to interpretation. Schema.org allows you to clearly specify that a given piece of information is an address, which makes the robot’s task easier. This way we can mark much more information, including: nature of business, telephone number or opening hours. After implementing schema.  You will use a special tool for testing, which can be found at this address:  It is simply name, address and telephone number .  You can find an example of such a solution on this page – by scrolling to the bottom. Our data appears in the same form on every subpage.

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