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Before launching your store, think about what keywords your potential customers will enter when looking for the products you offer. Try to ensure that the names of individual categories are precisely defined and searched for as often as possible. A common mistake is naming categories in a way that is convenient only for store owners. Each subpage on any website gives you the opportunity to position it for 5-10 key phrases. Therefore, try to provide each of them with a solid dose of good-quality text. Don’t forget about it, especially on the subpages of the products you want to sell the most. Owners of large stores often prioritize activities on the website in this way, filling them with content that is particularly attractive from a business perspective. Long tail positioning Don’t forget about the long tail. This is a way of positioning for as many different but thematically related phrases as possible.

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You just have to be careful with a long tail, because it’s easy to overdo it. Be careful that the phrases used do not affect the usefulness or readability Phone Number Data of the content posted. Thanks to this, you will achieve two goals: navigation through your virtual store will be easier and the website will be better positioned. If you mention the names of specific products or categories in your texts, attach an appropriate, direct link to them. For Google robots, this will be a positive signal to strengthen the position of your store. We will conduct an SEO audit for you and implement the recommendations . Start a blog Valuable links referring to your store are one of the keys to gaining a strong position in Google. In addition to including them in introductory texts to individual categories, I recommend starting a thematic blog. And offer content will appear only secondarily. Therefore, it is worth promoting products from our store in a valuable way.

Name the categories correctly

Phone Number Data

Some time ago, a lot of confusion on the Polish Internet was caused by the so-called. A screenshot appeared online suggesting that transactions made via the website CXB Directory are indexed by Google and anyone can easily check customer data. Fake news (as it later turned out) began to circulate virally in the nooks and crannies of the Internet. Although it ultimately turned out that a small rain fell from a large cloud, and indexation took place as a result of sharing links by users . It is much easier to sell narrow groups of products in e-commerce than the proverbial shortbread, soap and jam. If you run several businesses and, for example, sell car components and children’s toys, set up two separate online stores. Don’t combine products from two unrelated industries on one website.  Over the years, they have gained a lot of experience and are able to find their way in the maze of information and advertising offers.

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