Domains or subdomains for multilingual websites

When creating an SEO campaign for foreign markets, you must take into account the directions in which you plan to direct the campaign. These can be selected countries, but also regions where the same language is spoken. This decision determines the strategy for preparing the website, selecting the domain and content. This solution is good in terms of usability. Users in specific countries have greater trust in domains with endings dedicated to a given country. This also allows you to outsource separate SEO activities to different agencies that specialize in positioning in a given country. The disadvantage of this solution is that it generates higher costs. Each domain must be paid annually. Moreover, depending on the CMS system used, it should be taken into account that each language version will be maintained on a separate CMS.


Sitemaps for multilingual websites

If you have a strong domain that has been online for a long time and ranks well in a given country, you can use its strength and place foreign-language websites on Phone Number Data subdomains or subdirectories. You must then keep in mind further guidelines regarding code and tags. Pay attention to the visual aspect. In my opinion , a creation like: does not look good in terms of usability. The advantage of this solution is that it does not generate additional costs in the form of purchasing and extending domains. When using subdomains, you have the advantage that Google treats the website as a separate entity for each language version. If subdirectories are used, the page with all language versions is treated by the Google search engine as a whole, hence it is more difficult to separate individual language versions when analyzing the domain situation.

Content on multilingual websites domains or subdomains


Phone Number Data

Another element to consider is the choice of server and IP number for our websites. The best solution is to have a server in the target country. This allows for order CXB Directory both for us and for the search engine algorithm. Moreover, it has a significant impact on the page loading speed in the selected target country – and this is a very important element for users. However, this is not a requirement. You can easily position your website in the selected country, even if it is on remote servers. Also remember that a solution based on subfolders will not allow you to set the server for selected target countries. Another important element is the content on the website. The language version, e.g. Polish, contains only Polish content, and the English version only contains English content. It should not happen that foreign versions have the same content as other versions. However, there are two things to note: The texts must be useful – we advise against using any automatic translators : the content of such tools is not of the highest quality.

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