A book about positioning for beginners

SEO Playbook is the work of Sławomir Czajkowski, the owner of the Podkarpacie agency KampanieSEO and the founder of Surfer. And this factor should be a sufficient recommendation to read the content of the publication. Surfer in Silence! For many months, it has been treated as one of the most interesting tools for optimizing website content. The depth of the analysis, its detail, and at the same time its real impact on visibility results make an SEO audit without Surfer much poorer. And also without the knowledge contained in the SEO Playbook ? Not necessarily, but that doesn’t disqualify this position at all. The book consists of four main chapters: Content creation and optimization On-site optimization Off-site elements Analytics and reporting Each of these parts is composed of several or a dozen subchapters written by Sławomir Czajkowski or co-authors of the book. There are a dozen or so of them, because the author invited a group of industry experts to cooperate. Each of them shares their substantive knowledge in the book. The cooperative approach was successful, and the position takes on a more cross-sectional character.

When Surfer releases a book

In the field of SEO, it is easy to write in geek language , obvious to the industry, but incomprehensible to the average recipient who has not had much experience with SEO before. This is a trap of many Phone Number Data blog publications. Fortunately, Tchaikovsky did not fall for it and communicates in a simple, accessible language. The substantive scope was also treated from scratch. There is room here for instructions on how to create <title> and description tags, as well as how to optimize key phrases. In a word – complete ABC, perfect, for example, for entrepreneurs starting their business, without a marketing budget, and at the same time trying to gain any visibility. However, with each subsequent page, Czajkowski goes into more and more detail, and although he does not jump over the “advanced level” bar, it will still be a solid dose of knowledge for beginners. For others, reading the SEO Playbook may be a good way to systematize knowledge, and the expert entries also provide some interesting examples to implement immediately. And the wolf of positioning is full and the sheep is taking its first steps. Who designed it? Despite all the sympathy for the Surfer project, it is impossible not to point out editorial errors in SEO Playbook .

What does SEO Playbook consist of

The number of typos is staggering, and people who do not know the author may question whether they are really dealing with a professional project. Suffice it to say that in the table of contents CXB Directory itself we are dealing with “On-dite Optimization”. There are many more similar flowers. If the Surfer team – as he informs – worked on the book for half a year, there were clearly not enough two days left to read the whole thing. A separate issue is the book’s design, which resembles more a work written for university requirements, with an appropriately large font, carelessly inserted graphics and wide line spacing, than a serious book publishing house. Why is it worth reading SEO Playbook ? Obvious editorial mistakes are elements that can be corrected in subsequent editions. And these should appear soon, because SEO is changing quickly, and paper may not withstand the clash with quickly updated content on the Internet. However, the book has one serious ace up its sleeve – it collects and systematizes in one place what is scattered across several dozen blog texts on the Internet.

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