How to quickly optimize a website

The ground zero you should start with is making a list of keywords that are relevant to your business. Think about the services and products you want to sell and where you want to promote yourself – locally or throughout Poland. Based on these thoughts, make a list of phrases under which you want to be visible in the search engine. The Google Ads Keyword Planner will be very helpful here . Paid tools like Senuto or ahrefs may also be useful. Here you can see exactly what phrases your potential customers use and how many searches each phrase has per month. Thanks to this, you will learn which phrases you need to focus on to attract the most traffic to your website. Choosing the right keywords is the foundation for further optimization. To it is worth spending time to choose them carefully and carefully. Headlines play an important role in positioning. They provide clear information – both to the reader and to browser algorithms – about what a given fragment of text will be about. Therefore, they should be used by all means! Three tips for headlines: Use headings hierarchically.


the most important meta tag in SEO

Treat them like chapters and subchapters in a book, do not jump immediately from heading should appear once (and only once) on each subpage . Place the most important keywords Phone Number Data in your headlines – making sure they look natural. In this respect, the foundation is to place the main phrase in H1. Each subpage can be effectively positioned for several keywords. Check whether your website has the appropriate architecture – there should be a separate subpage for each of the most important phrases . It is extremely difficultto position one subpage for many completely different phrases.And this increases the value of the entire website. How to improve your positioning in Google? By writing unique content. This is quite a labor-intensive task, but it definitely pays off.

Tidying up headings and how to quickly optimizing

Phone Number Data

Therefore, when analyzing text on a page: Check whether each text is unique  it is not repeated on other subpages, but also not identical to other content on the Internet. It is a big mistake to CXB Directory have the same description on the product subpage and, for example, on the Allegro auction of this product. Check your competition – how much content does your competition have on their websites ? Are they very keyword-saturated? What phrases do they use? This is where a tool like will come in handy. Expand the content and fill it with keywords – in most cases. The content on the page is too little and/or does not include keywords at all. Add more engaging content, including the most frequently searched phrases. If you don’t want to spoil the design of the website or sales funnel with text, place the content at the bottom, just above the footer. Hide it as drop-down text under “see more”. If you want to position your website yourself, be patient. It takes time to see results. Sometimes, after the first optimization, important phrases fall to the top.

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