How to avoid drops in position and visibility

Today we will deal with the topic of changing the website in terms of SEO optimization, so as not to spoil our positioning when changing the website. This is a topic that our clients often come to us with. Wojtek – tell us what questions they ask most often. Because the old design is no longer what it should be today. Various cases happen. It’s nice if the client contacts us much earlier with this type of topic. If you plan to update the website due to the template or change the platform – e.g. switching from WordPress to another store system – it is good to reach an agreement in advance with the agency or people who deal with positioning the website on the Internet. If the client neglects these matters, various situations may arise later because of this.

What are the threats to changing a website without SEO

What if we change the website and just contact the agency. The main threats to the website and positioning itself. It may Phone Number Data be different. Unfortunately, in most cases we encounter situations where customers come to us after changing their website . See that the website traffic has dropped dramatically and its rankings have dropped. This is simply due to the fact that if we have a website that is already somehow placed in the search results in certain high positions. When we change this website. We change its code, often the architecture of subpages. Sometimes we also change the content description .  We have an ordinary local store, we have shelves there.

The most important elements how to avoid when changing a website for SEO

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Certainly adjusting the content architecture – so that the content architecture on the new website reflects that of the older website, so that it is larger. If there are CXB Directory more of these subpages, there is a chance for more keywords to rank for. Certainly also 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones – so that the robot, when visiting these old addresses. Is redirected to appropriate places that will be similar on the new website. Technical optimization of the website to check whether the code on our website will be read by the Google robot. The company that creates a new website creates a new analytics code and at this point there is no continuity of statistics. This is one of those little things that needs to be checked off somewhere in the CMS system for it to be indexed this is sometimes forgotten.

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