Why are website texts important for SEO

Today I would like to talk to you about the content on the website. Very often, this is a topic that clients do not fully understand. They do not understand the need to prepare these texts. I meet clients who say no one reads these texts on the website .  A question for you, is the content on the website that important in terms of positioning is a text search engine.  The content that appears on the website is absolutely crucial. They largely influence positioning. However, you cannot go to extremes. We often encounter situations where content is over-optimized with specific phrases. For example, if we are talking about positioning, a stylistically unnatural way. It makes no sense at all that’s how it used to be.

What length should the texts on the website be

So texts are important for positioning. The question is how many texts there should be and what length they should be. Some myths have already appeared Phone Number Data on the Internet that these texts must contain two thousand or three thousand characters. It is actually common to say that the text on a given subpage should contain two or three thousand characters. It all depends on the degree of and on the content architecture we prepare on the website. In terms of SEO work on the content, we can easily check and verify how much content there should be. that is, we can perform a very thorough, even detailed analysis, breaking each of these texts into its first parts. We know what the competition looks like and our task is simply to adapt to the competition.

Correct information why are website architecture on the website

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A topic that often comes up in conversations with clients is that clients associate writing content with SEO in mind as an unnatural insertion of keywords into the middle CXB Directory of the content.  The question for you is – does it have to be like this, can it be bypassed somehow. Can it be done in some other way? write first of all for the user, i.e. in a way that is natural and that will prevent the customer from grinding their teeth when reading the content. This is the first determinant that you need to remember – especially since it has a certain image impact. Most people will not read this content on the website, but those who will. If they come across such flowers, may simply resign from our services due to. The fact that we will sound quite ridiculous by presenting such content on the website.

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