Previous agency removing incoming links

We often receive clients who are considering changing an SEO agency but are afraid of the consequences that will result from it. What threats actually await them. If we look at positioning. There are two main elements. One is optimizing the website for the Google search engine robot, and the other is acquiring links. Most often. Clients are afraid that when the agencies they work with today receive notice, they will automatically withdraw these links. Let’s start by saying that their fears are not groundless. It sometimes happens that these links are actually removed, but we can check this. It depends on how this agency has worked so far. There are thousands of ways to get links.

Is website deoptimization a real threat

I’m still wondering whether the threat of website optimization and de-optimization by the agency that ends the cooperation is real and whether we Phone Number Data should expect any additional “blocks thrown in our way”, to put it more colloquially. This also depends on the agency. I think that if someone de-optimizes the website . Removes the website optimization when he receives notice, it is a bit of a dirty trick . Because these are actions that have to be performed specifically – someone has to log in to the panel and remove this optimization. Unfortunately, such situations also happen. Once, a client came to us and the agency that had previously served him simply put a disallow tag in robots. The robot could no longer visit the website and it was removed from the search results to zero. It was a blatant situation where the agency was acting out of spite.

When is it worth changing your SEO agency

Wojtek, I have a question for you about the time when we should decide to change the SEO agency. It is not always the case that nothing more can be gained from a given cooperation. When is the right CXB Directory  time to change your SEO agency and look for cooperation somewhere else?  Each time we conduct a preliminary analysis and based on this we prepare individual offers for clients. In the last few cases, we’ve seen directly on our tools that someone has been doing some pretty cool stuff for a while now . We need to consider these factors more to know at what point.  We may come to the conclusion that it is worth changing the agency or person dealing with positioning. The industry was so competitive that. We had to wait a little longer for this result to enter the top ten for key phrases.

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