Positioning the company website

To have any chance of reaching customers in a highly competitive industry using the Google search engine. It is necessary to invest in positioning. It is extremely difficult to break through the multitude of websites offering similar services. The higher a website ranks in the Google search engine results, the greater the chance that it will be noticed and clicked by the user. The first 3 results have the highest click-through rates. Most users find information on the first page without going to the next page. Therefore, if your website is not visible for the most important keywords on the first page of results – the chance that users will naturally find your website is very, very low. This is where positioning comes in. These include optimization. This is a process that requires time and professional knowledge and experience of the positioner.

Paid Google Positioning Ads

Advertising in the form of sponsored links on the search results list is a good way to quickly get to the TOP4 – Google Ads sometimes displays up to 4 ads at the top. You only Phone Number Data pay for clicks, i.e. for actual visits to your website. It is important that Google Ads campaigns are run by a specialist who will save the budget and reach the most important target groups . Google Ads also has the option of remarketing, i.e. reaching with ads to people who have already been to your website but have not made a purchase. Thanks to remarketing. We remind you about your brand or products, which increases the chances of the customer returning and making a purchase. The advantages of Google Ads are quick launch and quick results. However, once the campaign ends or the budget is exhausted, the ad immediately disappears.

Ads on Facebook and other social media

When looking for advice, information or inspiration, we often use the Google search engine. We come across all kinds of blogs and guides that, to a greater CXB Directory or lesser extent, exhaust a given topic. This is a great way to naturally gain traffic to your website.  This type of content will also be a great contribution to your social media channels as content on your fan page and/or for advertising. You can describe issues related more or less indirectly to your products or services. If you sell plants, write an article about selecting the ideal species for the conditions of a specific apartment. If you run a furniture store. Describe the most popular arrangements. Thanks to this. You will attract people to your website who may not be directly interested in purchasing . They will remember your brand and may make purchases in the future.

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