Update your business card and stay up to date

Today, almost all of us use the Google Maps application to find service points and stores near our location. Thanks to a properly optimized business card, your company will appear not only in the Maps application, but also in traditional search results, above “normal” organic text results. People who are looking for the services you offer and are located near your premises are much more likely to visit you if they find your business card on Google Maps. Therefore, from the point of view of local positioning, an optimized business card is very important. For your business card to bring the most benefits, you need to take care of it. Choose the appropriate title for your business card, including the keyword. Google suggests that the title of your business card should be the name of your brand or company. However, in many cases you can slightly optimize the title by adding the most important key phrase. For example, for XYZ car repair shop, the SEO-optimized title should be “XYZ car repair shop”. However, remember that Google frequently reviews business listings and if it finds that the title is inappropriate, it may restore the previous title. Add correct address details.

Why do you need to have a business card on Google Maps

Complete the category of services offered. Complete products and services. This will increase the chances of your business card being displayed more widely. Complete working Phone Number Data hours delivery methods. This is very important information from the point of view of your customers. Add photos – logo, selected products and/or interior. Choose the most representative shots that will make your company stand out and encourage people to visit it. Add a company description. Focus on the products and services you offer, using keywords whenever possible. Complete all remaining details. The more information, the greater the chance for a higher position on Maps. Additionally, the completed information will help the potential customer make a decision.

How to optimize your update your business business card in Google Maps

Systematic actions taken on your account are a clear indication to Google that your business card is current and active. Below are some examples of how you can CXB Directory take care of your business card to make it even more “live”. If your working hours change or you go on holiday, remember to change your temporary working hours . This will prevent disappointment. Respond to reviews on an ongoing basis, especially those that are negative or have a mixed rating. Properly handling the case will affect the image of your company. If you take an aesthetic photo of your place in the future, add it to the gallery. The Google business card allows you to add news and mini posts – just like on social media. Take advantage of the opportunity and inform your customers about new products.

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