Message from Rajoy to Montoro Without the officials

The Government receives messages from groups of public employees threatening to vote for punishment for the mistreatment they suffer. The Treasury has announce 950 new positions Congress will debate signing deputies to control their activity in the Chamber The Treasury will intensify inspections of delinquent businessmen so that they do not ’empty’ the company The ‘wise men Message from of Montoro recommend that the Treasury not persecute celebrities, talk shows, athletes… The Treasury unexpectedly cuts the deadline for direct debiting of VAT declaration payments Christopher Montoro. uts and freezing of salaries of civil servants, loss of extra pay, fewer days off or stoppage of positions… are on their way to becoming history. The Government is aware of the importance of this group to win votes for the next three electoral events. Order from Rajoy to Montoro to ‘pamper’ the group.

learned from government sources

Rajoy takes into account that among public employees there is a significant mass of voters: almost three million Spaniards with the right to vote in the next European, municipal and regional, and general elections. Thus, he considers that electoral revenue Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List can be achiev in this way and it is advisable at this time to take special care of this group. Movements in favor of the punishment vote The sources to which ECD has had access explain that some groups of officials are promoting a vote to punish the Government for the decisions it has made in these almost three years of mandate and that have affectpublic employees. A scenario that is especially disturbing in Moncloa. This is also confirme by Administration sources familiar with these movements, who have reveale these intentions to senior Government officials in informal conversations they have had in recent weeks.

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Maneuvers and winks for the elections

We have the impression that Montoro’s latest winks are focuse on getting the vote of public employees in the next European elections in May, thus trying to make them forget about the continuous discredit, contempt and vilification that this has carrie out of Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List their work. Government”, they explain. Specifically, they list the withdrawal of extra pay, the freezing of wages for four consecutive years with the loss of purchasing power that this entails, and a 5% reduction in wages, as the main “mistreatment” that the group has suffer in the past years. last years. “Without the officials, we don’t win” exp-player-logo Lucía becomes the winner of Big Brother DUO after the longest ending in history According to the sources consulte . This scenario is not overlook in Moncloa just over a month before the elections.

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