The Treasury unexpectedly cuts the deadline for direct

Declaration payments Until now, the period ended on April 15 for the first quarter, but the Tax Agency has brought forward the closing to the 14th at the last minute this year. How will the Government bring ministers, general directors, deputies, senators into line? The Treasury will intensify inspections of delinquent businessmen so that they do not ’empty’ the company Health cent. The Treasury will accept refueling tickets from gas stations as invoices The Treasury claims 60 million from Grupo Prisa for irregularities in Corporate Tax and VAT Delegation of the Tax Agency. Delegation of the Tax Agency. Surprise from the Treasury to the more than five million Spaniards who have to declare the VAT for the first quarter this month due to the economic activity they carry out.

It has brought forward without hardly

The closing of the deadline for direct debit payments to the 14th, when it was usually open between learne from tax experts aware of these changes, the Tax Agency has shortened by one day , without any explanation, the deadline for submitting with direct debit the VAT and Austria WhatsApp Number List Corporate Tax returns for the first quarter that must be submitte. This month of April. Thus, only on the organization’s website, it is specifie in an information note that the period for this proceure will on this occasion be from April 1 to 14. However, they explain that for many of those affec around four million taxpayers, the change is going unnotice . Which may cause problems when submitting self-assessments in the coming weeks. The usual thing is that the deadline closes on the 15th The change is the following.

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The tax direct debit period is regulated by a Ministerial Order

Specifically EHA which establishes the direct debit period, taxes and other issues related to this procedure. The regulations clearly establish that the direct debit deadline for the first quarter ends on April 15, which means that the Treasury has also proceeded to change German Whatsapp Number  the date without modifying the aforementioned Ministerial Order. The announcement has gone largely unnoticed. As ECD has confirmed in self-employed and professional organizations, the announcement is being overlooked by a good number of VAT filers , especially those who are older and have less knowledge of the Internet. They explain that the vast majority of them have not realized that this year there has been a change in the deadline to complete the procedures and continue to assume that the deadline is April 15 .

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