Merkel allies with Holland and Austria so that the ECB punishes

They pressure Mario Draghi not to fight deflation in the eurozone. They refuse to lose money with the non-payments that the State and Spanish companies  Merkel allies with have with them The Frenchman Barnier visited Rajoy three times in Spain to ask for his vote Rajoy changes plans . Alicia Sánchez-Camacho stays in Catalonia and will not go to the Europeans Europe does not believe Spain’s green shoots: spending is out of control Castellers in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels… for the right to decide in Catalonia Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel. Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel. Christine Lagarde (IMF), Olli Rehn, Joaquín Almunia… have already shown themselves in favor of the European Central Bank taking measures to fight deflation in the eurozone.

Specifically they do not want higher

Inflation in the States whose Government and companies have debts with them because the repayment of those loans would lose significant value in that scenario. For this reason, according to the sources consulted, Germany, Holland and Austria are lobbying in Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Frankfurt so that the ECB remains immobile and does not take measures against deflation in the eurozone. This situation, they explain, has left Draghi out of the game . But above all behind the parapet that Germany provides, she is not only comfortable with the current situation but even, in internal documents, she advocates for an increase in interest rates . Recovery is at risk The sources to which ECD has had access warn that Spain lacks monetary sovereignty and, therefore, does not have the instruments to combat a deflation scenario .

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If this happens, the incipient recovery

The economy will be aborted and there is a danger of entering into a debt-deflation dynamic with devastating consequences. Maximum concern in the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List  Government This deflationary drift of the European economy is extremely worrying in the offices of the Ministry of Economy. Luis de Guindos is aware that this scenario has all the ingredients to constitute a major obstacle to consolidating the way out of the crisis in Spain. exp-player-logo Lucía becomes the winner of Big Brother DUO after the longest ending in history When prices fall , companies also see their margins reduced , which means that in the medium term they may have problems in their accounts.

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