Cyberbullying, when tweets stop being funny

One of the most popular segments on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show is Celebrities Read Mean Tweets . In which celebrities read aloud the most offensive tweets ever written about them. For example, “Rob Lowe looks like skin cancer” and others so rude that most of  Cyberbullying when the words include cannot be reproduce in this space. These videos are funny because the actors and singers make an effort to interpret them in a comical way. In addition to adding short answers or comments. But they also remind us that stars are people like us and that our opinions or jokes on the internet are not totally innocent. Since they can hurt the feelings of those who receive them, even if they are celebrities.

The choice to imitate the Celebrities

This last point is more than illustrate with a new campaign by the organization The Canadian Safe School Network that aims to raise awareness EL Salvador Mobile Number List about cyberbullying that young people are currently targete with through a video that imitates the format of the popular television segment. Cyberbullying when but with teenagers as protagonists. Thus, instead of seeing Jessica Biel reading a tweet that makes fun of her teeth. We see boys reading comments about her physical characteristics. Her race or her sexual orientation. been seen by almost two million people on YouTube. But the OSC wants to reach a national audience by purchasing space in Canadian mass media. For this, he create a crowdfunding campaign .

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Which is dedicate to reducing youth violence

According to The Canadian Safe School Network. And helping to make schools Latvia Phone Number List safer, although only 8% of youth in Canada say they are victims of online bullying or. There are other statistics that suggest that The problem is bigger. Since, for example, 31% of parents say they know a young person in their community who has suffere this type of harassment. Cyberbullying when read Mean Tweets model was made because “somehow these videos give the message that is okay or funny. But adult celebrities have the maturity and self-confidence to overcome these critical words. Children don’t have it. For normal children. Words can cut like a knife.

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