Legal recognition of the public interest of civil society organizations

Usually in this space topics of interest to business foundations are addresse as an important part of the non-profit sector in Mexico. But also legal, fiscal. Accounting and public policy aspects that can represent practical advice for application in programs. Projects and services. or, aspects that have great relevance for the entire philanthropic field. These are the cases of the victories obtaine parties. The essence of this sector. A first glimpse of the benefits of this judicial resolution is that the Superior Audit of the Federation will have to act in cases where it is indicate or presume that there was a diversion of funds to interests other than those to which they were originally given.

The true teaching sector

Regardless of its union affiliation, also benefits because it is presume that a Costa Rica Mobile Number List good number of friends. Family members and people from clientele entourages of union leaders receive a salary without working from one or several real and fictitious positions. Whose funds They could be use as bonuses and better conditions for teachers who have a vocation and who fulfill their responsibilities every day. They have been at a disadvantage before their unions. Which neither guarantee their rights nor ensure their professional improvement. On the other hand. Greenpeace reporte on its website that “the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation with or without representation of any inhabitant of the communities adjacent to the damage that occurre.”

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This important legal advance

On the same site it is note that “the SCJN also recognize that civil society organizations Lebanon Phone Number List do not need to prove 3 years prior to having been establishe in order to challenge environmental issues. As the government and industry intende in their lobbying of the Federal Environmental Responsibility Law. Manifeste in two resolutions of the of the same day. Positively “splashes” a large number of civil society the legal powers are expande so that they can access protection because it is explicitly recognize the public interest defende by. For example, In education and Greenpeace in environmental matters. Many other areas of participation are missing. But great progress has been made thanks to the tenacity. Perseverance and professionalism of these organizations.

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