Borussia Dortmund denies beer to racists

The German team launche a new campaign to eliminate racism from its stadium and the entire city of Dortmund. The initiative is call “No beer for racists”. A phrase that is on the commemorative cup holders. The team printe thousands of copies and distribute them to the city’s bars so that every time a beer is serve. The phrase is visible under the glass. The reason why the Germans took action against racism is the growing wave of neo-Nazi movements that have affecte the city’s tourism. And That doesn’t fit! and there are words from Tobias the team’s fan director: Unfortunately, the issue of racism in Dortmund is more relevant than ever. We want to make it known that the inhumane ideology of these people does not fit in Dortmund.” “With Dortmund being one of the German beer capitals. We believe it was the best place to promote our cause.”

We see social campaigns

Those responsible for the campaign state that they also printe flyers and stickers that Panama mobile number list are already circulating throughout the city. Accompanying the advertising. There is a QR code for smartphones which redirects to an information page that educates about multiculturalism and tolerance. Without a doubt. A great step for the great German teamSocial campaigns that change livesDaily through ATL and BTL media, that are of great help to companies,  Borussia Dortmund  with this. They counteract or increase the popularity of the brand when it is in crisis. In the eyes of the consumer. They see campaigns to help others as an incentive in the eyes of the shopper and stand out as one of the best brands for the well-being of others. With 17 years working for the prestigious Bridgestone brand in Mexico. Amelia Vives. Public Relations and Social Responsibility Manager. Told us about the importance of a social campaign within companies.

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Our corporate essence and values

So we bring clear messages and forceful actions to citizens in the field. Bridgestone de México has had important social campaigns during this time Malaysia Phone Number List such as: Road Safety, Environment and Community Support. Currently. “Think Before Driving for Young People” is an initiative with the objective of raising awareness among young university students about the culture of road safety and contributing to the reduction of traffic accidents. “We realize that young people are the ones who suffer the greatest number of events. So,  Borussia Dortmund  being experts in Road Safety, adde Amelia Vives. Continuing with the youth in Mexico. Snother company that is responsible for carrying out high-impact social campaigns is Danone. Aminta Ocampo Manager of External Communication and Social Responsibility commente: which drives the improvement of the social environment. Quality of life and the environment.

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