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During this week, several news items reported on volunteer activity from many different organizations, but a large presence of actions carrie out by public volunteers caught our attention. In particular, El Sol de Hidalgosaid that in the past a similar program had already been promote in which he participate and quote his words: “volunteering would bring various benefits, essentially contributing to creating a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens, through knowledge of human rights. The challenge of the project to incorporate young people as volunteer promoters of human rights to the Commission is clear that “the volunteers would not offer advice understood from a technical point of view, nor would they be first responders in terms of initiating a complaint.

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These types of public volunteering initiatives are well receive by the general Uruguay Mobile Number List population and have a good response. There are several examples such as INEA volunteers, volunteers assigne to the Federal and State Health Secretariat, DIF Systems Volunteers receive proper training to perform their service, recognize their contribution and ensure their personal and professional growth in the activity in which they decide to participate. If there is no professional management of the volunteer resource base on responsibilities attributable to the coordinator and the volunteer group, one cannot expect or demand that the volunteer be the one who has to take charge of certain functions that do not correspond to him, which translates into a a situation that often occurs in volunteer programs that improvise the stages of the volunteering cycle.

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A labor or administrative relationship

To facilitate the incorporation of volunteers into public programs, Manning starting Mexico Phone Number List vision is very accurate since he is already clear about which activities do and which do not correspond to his potential volunteers. But for the initiative of the Human Rights Commission of the State of  to be successful, it is necessary to consolidate the training of a Coordinator to take care of all the details of their volunteer program and add answers to the question if the volunteer does not receive any financial remuneration, so what would a person gain by volunteering on the Commission? Manning Ramírez said “that the connection of those who wish to be promoters would not have the character of ,but only of collaboration for the provision of services in a free and altruistic manner.

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