Vodafone will pay TVE the telecom fee again

The purchase of ONO and its commitment to television puts an end to its refusal to pay the payment that was impose on the operators to compensate for the elimination of advertising Movistar . Vodafone and Orange give in: price with VAT include Telefónica Vodafone will pay will become . The third television operator in Spain Telefónica debuts this thursday as a television content producer Internet, mobile, landline and television for 15 euros per month .The mega-offer that Vodafone designs against Movistar Vodafone logo. Vodafone will have to pay again the fee that the Government impose on telecommunications operators .

Vodafone spain decid to suspend all its television

Dvertising services for its ADSL and mobile subscribers, which includes .Its Vodafone TV and Internet . TV channels, Canal + and Canal + Liga (mobile) and Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List video downloads.  Similarly, In this way the company stop paying the fee that  Similarly, the Zapatero Government impose in 2009 on telecommunications operators to finance RTVE, and thus compensate for the elimination of advertising . Vodafone  demanding from the beginning that the contribution to RTVE be declare null and void by the courts of Justice.

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The recent purchase of ONO  in addition

To gainin seven million homes that the cable group reaches with its own technology that competes .  Telefónica will allow it to offer joint telephone  television and fixe and mobile broadband packages . Some services television services that will USA WhatsApp Number List  force you to pay again. Some sources in the sector estimate that it will mean approximately 13 million additional euros for TVE .  Similarly, which will also contribute to a relief in the Corporation’s accounts.  In conclusion, the payment of this fee meant for Vodafone in the previous stage an annual expense of 35 million about six times more than the income it receives from audiovisual services.

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