Fire in El homes are illegally connected to electricity

Electrical companies have detected an increase in these accidents in recent months Hiring in the name of grandparents, friends and the deceased… the last trick to avoid paying the electricity bill Electricity companies receive thousands of requests to turn off the Fire in El homes electricity in summer residences Another scare on the electricity bill: you will have to pay a fixed monthly fee to connect to the network Turning off the electricity in summer residences will be expensive: reconnecting will cost euros State of the house burne in El Vendrell. State of the house burned in El Vendrell. There has been talk these days that one of the possible causes of the fire in El Vendrell was that the family was illegally connecte to the electricity. In the end, the investigation rules out that the origin is electrical.

Energy poverty is causing more and more people

The family affecte by the fire in an apartment in El Vendrell, which caused the death of four siblings aged and had been evicte in and, after a time living outside the town, had returned to what was his house, where the tragic event took place. Some neighbors pointe Benin WhatsApp Number List out shortly after the incident that, after entering the home again, the occupants had connect to the electricity supply irregularly . The family, of North African origin, was facing serious financial difficulties. According to sources from the electricity companies consult by El Confidencial Digital, this dangerous practice is being repeate in more and more Spanish homes . There are more than homes that are currently illegally connect to the electrical grid.

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In most cases because these consumers cannot

However, the electricity companies warn that this is a very dangerous practice and warn that these types of accidents are increasing in recent months. Another very different case is that of the general director of the Andalusian Energy Agency, Luciano Gómez  Mexico WhatsApp Number List García . He had to resign from his position less than a month ago for having a chalet in a no developable area with an irregular electricity connection in the Malaga municipality of Yunquera.The country increasingly needs to borrow from international markets because it is not self-sufficient: it depends on foreign financing to continue functioning. It does not produce enough to maintain its structure. – This situation causes a disturbing unstoppable increase in public debt, which is already on the verge of 100% of GDP.

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