Europe does not believe Spain’s green shoots spending

The primary deficit that Greece, Ireland and Portugal no longer have is worrying. If it is not resolve the EU will block the appointments of Luis de Guindos and Arias Cañete Brussels endorses the real estate macro-project in Gibraltar Rajoy designs a mini-government crisis that will include Ana Mato Catalonia is the sixth country in Europe according to the data manage by Artur Mas Mariano Rajoy and José Manuel Durao Barroso. Mariano Rajoy and José Manuel Durão Barroso. Anger of the European authorities with the Rajoy Government. They do not understand that Spain continues to register a primary deficit while other countries, a priori in a worse situation, such as Greece, Portugal and Ireland, are already showing surpluses. They have warne that this scenario leaves the appointments of Luis de Guindos and Miguel Arias Cañete up in the air.

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Brussels voices are beginning to be heard from commissioners and relevant European finance ministers who are speaking out privately against the progress of the Spanish economy. This is revealeby senior community officials to whom has had access . The cause of the Belize WhatsApp Number List malaise is an indicator that is talke about very little, but which is decisive for the European Commission: the primary deficit . It is the difference between income and expenses, but discounting everything relate to the repayment of the debt and the payment of interest . European leaders give maximum importance to this indicator because it is what really marks the cut in recurrent spending that a country is making. Only EU country with a primary deficit According to the sources consulte .  What really bothers Brussels is that Spain is the only EU country that still has this primary deficit.

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They highlight that other countries

Initially presented a large imbalance in their accounts, when debt expenses are deducte . Already achieve primary surpluses . This is the case, for example, of Portugal, Ireland, Italy and even Greece. The reproaches to De Guindos at dinners Sources in Brussels consulted by  Malaysia WhatsApp Number List ECD report that in some of the last private dinners of Minister Luis de Guindos with his European ‘colleagues’ he is already hearing reproaches in this direction. These are some of the complaints that are being sent to you: – Spain has a huge mismatch between income and expenses , even without taking into account the debt. The country operates on a model of excessive spending that it is not capable of sustaining on its own: income does not cover expenses and it is inevitable to finance itself through debt issuance.

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