In Spain the number of young people

A new publication from the Volunteering Observatory and the Volunteering Platform in Spain has been publishe, entitle “The Spanish population and its involvement with NGOs”, which compiles data from comparative research on the evolution of volunteering and citizen participation in that nation. The Volunteering Observatory has been producing an annual report call “Facts and Figures on Volunteering” and its authors point out that “in recent years it has been marking an interesting trend: there is greater interest in volunteering and, in particular, on the part of people younger”. To analyze this trend and verify if it is real and know its qualities, the study that we discuss today in “Citizenship in Construction” was promote.

It is worth consulting the methodology

It includes in its analysis categories that complement each other, such as, for Argentina Mobile Number Database example, voluntary participation is analyze but also the number of people who, in addition to being volunteers, financially support an organization. Young AC People At the time of the study (2014), the population of Spain amounte to 46 million 512 thousand 199 inhabitants, according to the National Institute of Statistics. It must be considere that the population growth rate is negative, to such an extent that in many years it has stabilize below 47 million inhabitants. Additionally, we must consider that it is a population where there are increasingly more older adults than young people.

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The youngest people in the age range

That is to say, there is still a long way to go to establish adequate management to China Phone Number List incorporate more people as volunteers. Those who call for volunteers do not take the time to create adequate profiles, and the need for personnel is such that those who call for volunteers expect a volunteer to be responsible for either the entire stage or the work process, instead of placing him or her in activities. concrete. The aberration that arises is that those who call for volunteers do not realize that instead of receiving voluntary service they want personnel who carry out work without financial remuneration, which of course is different. Regarding abandonment of volunteer service.

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