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Moreover, you must know that most SEO agencies have a provision in their contract stating that. While their SEO specialist will be taking action for a given website, no other company can do the same. And this is not a provision that is meant to tie your hands when conducting marketing activities – it is about the security of your website. And a sudden increase in links may look suspicious to search engine robots, so the risk of the website receiving a penalty for unnatural actions is much greater . Each positioner also has his or her own strategies and methods of operation. He conducts the audit differently and pays attention to slightly different things. Both strategies can be appropriate and lead to good results – if implemented correctly. If two SEO specialists wanted to optimize the same resources at the same time, they can delete each other’s actions . For example by overwriting meta tags or changing texts. Moreover, a negative relationship may grow between agencies because SEO specialists get in each other’s way.


Positioning process and mutual trust website positioning

Cooperation between the client and the SEO agency should be based on mutual trust. When he is missing, misunderstandings arise. If, in your opinion, the actions taken by SEO specialists are insufficient Phone Number Data instead of going behind their back and looking for another agency, you should explain it directly. It may turn out that you are too impatient. By hiring another SEO agency, you lose the chance to rank high in Google. On the other hand, your fears may be justified – it may turn out that the company deals with positioning unreliably. That’s why it’s always worth talking openly and working together. When the activities of various SEO specialists overlap and suddenly too many links on the Internet lead to your website, it will not work to your advantage – on the contrary – it may look suspicious and the risk of a penalty being imposed on your website will increase. So don’t take any chances.

In order to effectively position the company

Phone Number Data

We had clients who made changes to the website themselves without telling us anything about it. The result – we had temporary drops and errors. Only after a thorough analysis did we discover CXB Directory that the client had changed something in the indexation, which caused the reaction. An even worse situation occurs when the client changes the entire website – suddenly we find out that some of the subpages have been deleted. The architecture has changed or key meta tags have disappeared somewhere… which causes a rapid drop in position and requires a lot of work to fix the situation. Whenever a client works with a SEO company and would like to change something on the website, he or she should notify the agency in advance. This will make changes painless and reduce the chances of losing key content or indexing errors.

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