What does it mean that a URL should be friendly

In the first case, regardless of where you see the link. You will know what it refers to – you will be able to associate it with the website. The category it belongs to the topic it covers. Because for the recipient, the individual elements of the address are arranged in a user-friendly way. Imagine a situation in which you would like to return to a subpage where an article that you think is useful has been published. If its URL is friendly, it will be much easier for you to remember and reproduce it. Because each of its elements is logically related to each other. Unfriendly URL The second case is in complete opposition to the previous one. A natural reaction is to suspect that the address may lead to a website that is not entirely safe, so it is better to refrain from browsing it. Website indexers react in a similar way . They do not trust websites with unclear URLs, and this may affect their ranking in the search results list.


What should a good website URL look like

I will not go into detail on how to customize but I will draw attention to their impact on positioning. Friendly URLs have a positive impact Phone Number Data on search engine rankings because, in most cases, they consist of keywords. This makes it easier for indexing robots to absorb the desired information and places greater trust in the entire website. In addition, it is much easier for bots to navigate such a website. Because the individual elements of the address are arranged logically and make it easier to reach subsequent subpages . All you need to do is erase the appropriate part of the link. When writing a new blog entry or text about a new product, pay attention to the address of the website where you will publish it.

What does all this mean for your website

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Well if your website’s URL addresses are not – in the language of SEO specialists friendly. Every day you lose a certain part of Internet users who could turn out to be your loyal readers CXB Directory or even customers. Therefore, it is not worth taking the risk – it is better to optimize the addresses of your website in advance. The sooner you do this, the greater your chances of gaining/regaining their trust. Your site may temporarily disappear from search results after making the changes because bots need time to re-index the changed links. Therefore, when implementing new URL addresses. Be sure to pay attention to redirections – you do not want your home page to link to old addresses.

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