Targeting Facebook ads practical tips

To maximize the potential of advertising, we recommend using Ads Manager.  We will greatly limit our targeting options and will probably not reach the best target group for us. So we go to Ads Manager . If we do not yet have an account on this Facebook business platform, please create one according to the instructions. Once we have completed this stage. We select the “Audience” tab from the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, where we can create and save various target groups. Which we will then use in advertisements.  But before we start, it’s worth reading the tips .The success of a Facebook campaign depends to a very large extent on the correct selection of the target group. Before we start preparing an advertisement.

How to create an audience on Facebook

Knowing who our recipients are, we can think a little deeper about the criteria they follow and try to characterize them using the options available in the Ads Manager. The detailed targeting Phone Number Data options section is very extensive and, in addition to very general assumptions, we can find there interesting, detailed targeting criteria. Which sometimes define the target in a better way than seemingly good, but very general interests. After all according to Facebook, is interested in phones will be interested in a ranking of the latest cameras and their capabilities or a super-attractive offer for a smartphone whose price.  Exceeds the financial capabilities of a given user. There is a very high probability that Facebook will classify people who liked your Page into the audience for which you have just launched an ad using a post from your Page.

Know your audience Targeting Facebook

Phone Number Data

A pixel is a piece of code that should be implemented in the . Which we will be able to more accurately track user behavior on the website CXB Directory and use remarketing. The best option is to implement it before Facebook ads launch. We will be able to more realistically assess the effects of the campaign, secondly – we will not be blocked from remarketing. Configuring events allows you to run. Facebook ads that will be optimized to generate as many events as possible for the conversion you choose, e.g. sales. It may seem like a small thing, but some people forget how the detailed targeting options section works. Narrowing the audience allows us to reach people who meet more than one of the ad targeting criteria. Thanks to this possibility, we can separate a much more precise target group.

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