Why is blogging beneficial for your business

By increasing the content on your page, you also increase the number of keywords on it. It is through them that Internet users find your website. And it works very nicely – we see it at home – on our blog and on our clients’ blogs. Although this does not guarantee top positions for very competitive phrases, traffic from the so-called there is a long tail. And it is often several times higher than on the subpage responsible for sales. You can direct this traffic to product or contact pages. Running an expert blog additionally presents you as an expert and builds trust in your brand. Sometimes we are asked by our clients: is it better to run a blog on their company website, on a subdomain, or maybe on a completely different domain? In this article, I would like to share my observations about each of these solutions. A company blog on a subpage is the best solution If you intend to run a company blog and want to.

Company blog on a subdomain why is blogging

You can diversify your content by reaching people at different levels of the sales funnel. If you do research on frequently searched phrases related to your business Phone Number Data before you start writing, you can stuff the content with keywords and thus support the positioning of the entire website. Additionally, each entry is a place where you can implement internal linking, strengthening the structure of your website. A company blog on a subpage enables effective remarketing and retargeting . Thanks to properly prepared marketing lists, you can reach people who have visited your blog, in a specific section, or even on a specific article. This is a very useful advertising option. Example: You want to reach people who were looking for a solution to their problem on your blog, but did not visit the subpage with the offer – these people are most likely in your target group. It’s worth using this knowledge! Blog content naturally positioned Your blog can contain highly valuable content that users can spread and link to naturally.

What about cannibalization of blog content

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You can try to avoid this by writing texts for slightly different phrases than those contained on your offer page. However, if despite this, a blog entry is positioned for a given phrase CXB Directory you don’t have to worry about it too much. You can always redirect traffic to the offer page using CTA ( call to action ), banners or buttons. Company blog on a subdomain? This solution gives you the opportunity to gain more links. Most website directories accept subdomains, which makes it possible to gain several dozen or even several hundred more links than for a blog set up on the company website. However, this does not affect natural linking by Internet users. Such traffic is also easier to use for later remarketing or retargeting. It is easier to prepare a dedicated creation separately for people who visited our sales website and for blog users.

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