Average salary per year

Average salary orking conditions about hours a week. English teacher Foreigners who are native speakers of English that is come from a country where English is their native language often become teachers in Spain. You can be a private tutor or get a job at one of the countrys universities. In some cases a TEFL CELTA or TESOL certificate is required for employment. Average salary per year Working conditions about . hours per week. Skilled workers Many people in Spain are building houses or renovating their homes. That is why plumbers electricians and welding mechanics are popular in Spain.

Average salary per year

Working conditions about hours a week. Useful tips for finding a job in Spain Which cities in Spain are the easiest to find a job in More opportunities to find a job in Spain in the big cities Madrid and Barcelona. Where to look for work Most Switzerland Phone Number Data expats find work online. The best job search sites in Spain are Infojobs Trabajos Infoempleo Indeed and Monster. . How to make a resume As with resumes from many countries around the world the most common order in a Spanish resume is reverse chronological order meaning you list your most recent work experience and education first. Key differences unlike UK and US CVs Spanish CVs must include a photograph of the candidate.

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The photo must be professional

Also most recruiters expect to see some personal information in a resume unlike resumes for other European countries. You must provide your Canada Whatsapp Number basic personal details including date of birth marital status and nationality. We also recommend writing your resume in Spanish to immediately demonstrate your level of knowledge. How to pass an interview to a Spanish company If the interview is in Spanish and you feel like you need to brush up on your spoken Spanish get a tutor to prepare.

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