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What specialists demand here We have prepared for you a list of the most popular vacancies in Spain among expats. The most popular jobs in Spain for expats Business consultant Many international companies have a representative office in Spain. The most popular job among expats is the position of business consultant. Also many foreigners work in the financial sector as a manager or director. Average salary per year Working hours Monday Thursday from and Friday from. Vacancies in the field of IT Expats with the right education and skills can find work in the IT industry.

Most often foreigners in Spain are engaged

In software testing coding and programming. Also many people are working on the development of applications for iOS and Android. Average salary per year Working conditions remote work. Work in the mechanical engineering sector The most popular Sweden Phone Number Data positions in mechanical engineering are mechanical engineers and industrial engineers. The requirements for future employees are the availability of education and relevant experience it is also important to have a basic level of Spanish to communicate freely with colleagues. Average salary per year Working hours Monday Thursday from  and Friday from. Medical workers Spains healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world.

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Vacancies for medical workers are very

Popular in the country. Caregivers for the elderly also often sought after. The average salary of a doctor per year Working conditions Cambodia Whatsapp Number shifts or . hours per week. Work in the field of tourism and hospitality The tourism industry is develop in Spain at a very high level. In the largest tourist cities Barcelona Madrid and Seville expats work as managers in travel companies tour guides guides or find work in the hospitality industry they work in hotels restaurants bars holiday organizers and entertainers in amusement parks on cruise ships etc. The largest database of vacancies for work in the field of tourism and hospitality is collect on the Turijobs portal.

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