A day of inpatient stay

A day of in Germany costs euros and for calling an ambulance in Switzerland you will generally have to pay euros. Instead the average cost of insurance per day is only . Possibility to buy medicines in European pharmacies In most European countries medicine can be bought in a pharmacy only with a prescription and in order to get it you need to visit a doctor and pay for the appointment. Expenses for specialist consultation can be compensated at the expense of the policy. Also on the basis of insurance you can get free medicines. Mandatory document for issuing permits.

The health insurance policy is included

In the list of mandatory documents for issuing most permit documents in Europe National visa of category D educational work medical Algeria WhatsApp Number List business etc. Temporary residence permits. Permits for permanent stay in the country. Citizenship. What are the disadvantages of the free medical insurance that temporary protection holders receive in European countries Ukrainians arriving in European countries as refugees apply for temporary protection status which entitles them to residence work social support education and free medical care. However free health insurance has certain disadvantages Limited term of insurance.

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This opportunity is not for life

But is valid only for a certain period after which you need to buy the policy yourself. Medical insurance is most often given to refugees from Ukraine China Phone Number List abroad for months from the moment they arrive in the country. For example the Czech Republic and Bulgaria have already informed refugees about the need to pay for insurance services themselves. Queues. If you plan to visit a medical institution based on free insurance then you should be prepared for long queues. And its not just a few hours at the doctors office. Usually you have to wait for an appointment from several weeks to months.

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