In case of an acute illness

In case of and for the majority of Ukrainians abroad mothers with children it is simply impossible to wait for their turn in a state hospital. Language barrier. If you still do not have a perfect command of the language of the country of residence it can be quite difficult to get a doctors consultation. A small list of diseases and methods of treatment. In most countries free treatment is available for a limited list of diseases. Also the period of stay in the hospital can be strictly regulated. Limited territory of insurance.

The state health insurance

Policy guarantees medical care exclusively in the country where the refugee has issued temporary protection. That is if you need medical Argentina WhatsApp Number List assistance while traveling or transiting through another European country you will have to pay extra for it. A health insurance policy that you can purchase before your trip to Europe will protect you from the troubles listed above and guarantee the provision of qualified medical care. What does a private health insurance policy cover The health insurance policy from Ukrainian insurance agents covers the following risks urgent outpatient or inpatient care transportation to a medical institution evacuation.

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To Ukraine if it is expedient

For treatment payment of medicines urgent dental care. Depending on the clients needs the list of services can be expanded. What are the Estonia Phone Number List advantages of private health insurance for Ukrainians in Europe In addition to covering the abovementioned risks health insurance policy holders receive many benefits . The possibility to consult a doctor in any medical institution of the host country. Thanks to this it is possible to significantly shorten the waiting period for the appointment of a specialist. . The right to a remote consultation of a Ukrainian doctor this will allow you to receive a consultation in the shortest possible time and avoid the language barrier.

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