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why a Ukrainian needs a health insurance policy in Europe what are the disadvantages of free health insurance for EU temporary protection holders and what are the advantages of private health insurance for Ukrainians in Europe Get free information about countries Get free information about countries CLICK HERE Currently a Ukrainian needs only a foreign or biometric passport to enter European countries.The number of mandatory documents for crossing the European border was significantly reduced initially in connection with the approval of visafree travel.

Then the requirements became

Even simpler under martial law. However another important element of any foreign trip is a health insurance policy. Before the start of the fullscale invasion travel insurance was a mandatory document for leaving the country according to the Law of Ukraine On Tourism. Now insurance is required less often at the border. At the same time most European countries accept Ukrainian refugees and provide them with free access to medical services. When you consider these two facts it may seem that health insurance is no longer necessary but this is not entirely true.


We will talk about whether Ukrainians need

Health insurance policy in Europe later. Why does a Ukrainian need a health insurance policy in Europe Reimbursement of expenses in case of illness The health care system in European countries is based on insurance the insurance company pays for the treatment of patients. Each person independently chooses the package of services and the amount of coverage. If there is no policy you will have to pay for the provided medical care from your own funds. Considering that medical services abroad are very expensive even minor health problems in the absence of insurance can be expensive. For example in Norway an appointment with a family doctor for uninsured persons will cost euros an appointment with a specialist in the Czech Republic will cost from euros.



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